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Update on status

I’m a little behind on shipping because of motion sickness/migraines , AND this weekend I will be at Y-con with Reapersun!  Just wanted to let you all know I haven’t forgotten, I will get to them!! 

Thank you lamefries for the kind words! I put up something really fast for the Bucky, here you go ! Thanks for reminding me, I’ve been procrastinating on this too long! 

Thank you Stycky! Glad you like it!

Yes i did !! I haven’t had time to put it up in the store, I should that !!

Thank you saffi for the kind note! Glad you like it and so glad to hear it cheers you up !

Yes! I’m still selling them! I’m almost done packing all the preordres so I set up a storenvy link. (These won’t have the preorder print with them).

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