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Loki, a scrapbook


Wohoo! Today derlaines awesome scrapbook arrived. It’s amazing! She’s amazing!


My cat loves it too!


Even the package was a nice surprise.


Thank you for that!^^ Also I’m more of a Portugal fan myself. :3

Not sure if the little doodles were the reason costums felt the need to open…

So happy to see these photos from happy fans!! Hahah you got that World Cup doodle!! I’ve been really into the World Cup ! Love the cat meow! 

Awesome! Glad to hear that!

Thank you a-grue!! <3 <3 Glad it came in time for your birthday!! Thanks for the kind note!

Thank you! I’m so glad! That’s great!! If you posted anything about it on tumblr I will reblog it! Let me know if you do!

I haven’t put it up yet because I’m still working my way through preorders. You can still fill out the pre-order form. When I finish mailing all the preordres the book will be on sale on storenvy. 

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