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Hahah oh man i found out at a con when someone was reading the runes out loud that they’re Tolkien runes and people actually read them! Good thing I didn’t write anything embaressing lol

Thank you glad you like it !

Thank you, I’m glad you like it !! Thank you for taking the time to send a nice note!

Hi watch, I’m shipping them every weekend. You will get an email from USPS when i pack them. Hope that helps! I’ve been sick so I’ve been behind a little.

Loki, a scrapbook


Wohoo! Today derlaines awesome scrapbook arrived. It’s amazing! She’s amazing!


My cat loves it too!


Even the package was a nice surprise.


Thank you for that!^^ Also I’m more of a Portugal fan myself. :3

Not sure if the little doodles were the reason costums felt the need to open…

So happy to see these photos from happy fans!! Hahah you got that World Cup doodle!! I’ve been really into the World Cup ! Love the cat meow! 

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