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Hi Koko, i was hoping for AX to post a better map. This is the best one I have so far, it shows where the Dealer’s room is and my table. Hope this helps. My table is F34/F35

I’ll start sending them out when I get the books; the printer told me end of June so I expect most people to get billed starting July. I will bill people through Paypal which should send an email. 

Yes you can pick them up, just let me know at the con that you preordered so I can get your name and cross you off the list , as well as give you the preorder exclusive!

Hi Iamthebadwolf, Yes, I will be at booth 5137 with my friend Vuduberi! I’ll just be using a small section of their booth so I won’t have a lot of merch with me but I’ll bring the book and maybe a few prints. 

Hi koko! I will be at F35/F34, will post a map soon!

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