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I’ll start sending them out when I get the books; the printer told me end of June so I expect most people to get billed starting July. I will bill people through Paypal which should send an email. 

Yes you can pick them up, just let me know at the con that you preordered so I can get your name and cross you off the list , as well as give you the preorder exclusive!

Hi Iamthebadwolf, Yes, I will be at booth 5137 with my friend Vuduberi! I’ll just be using a small section of their booth so I won’t have a lot of merch with me but I’ll bring the book and maybe a few prints. 

Hi koko! I will be at F35/F34, will post a map soon!

It should be cheaper to Canada, I think it is about 12 dollars but I need to go to the post office to make sure. 

Hello Lokkkiii, yes you may use credit card! You’d have to give me your credit card number, expiration date, ccv number (the 3 digits on the back of your card), name, address, etc. so I can manually charge you with Square.  

Make a note in your preorder that you want to pay by credit card and we can communicate by email when the time comes for billing.

Yes, as long as I have books left I will sell them. You just won’t get the preorder exclusive print. 

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